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Something's Afoot at Maples Rep


Chris' Corner review by Chris Elston

Abigail Becker is darling as Hope Langdon.  Becker’s Langdon operates on the same intellectual plane as Geoffrey, but is such a ray of sunshine.  She is exactly what she appears to be (or is she?) and has a crystal clear soprano that joyously welcomes the guests in “A Marvelous Weekend” or moons over Geoffrey in “You Fell Out of the Sky”.

Madam at Fly North Theatricals


Broadway World review by Steve Callahan

"It's a marvellously strong cast...Abigail Becker, as Mercy, gives us some of the loveliest musical moments; her voice is a dream to hear."

Two on the Aisle review by Gerry Kowarsky and Bob Wilcox

"Abigail Becker captures the misery and mystery of Mercy Jones in a performance that changes along with the character’s role."

KDHX review by Tina Farmer

"Abigail Becker surprises as Mercy Jones, the mysterious woman who seeks refuge with Madam. Mercy has an ulterior motive for her actions though she finds herself questioning that purpose. Becker ensures Mercy remains authentic, even in the moments when she’s not forthcoming or sympathetic. The audience may not trust Mercy, but Becker puts forth a compelling case for her second chance."

Showboat at MTH Theater


Broadway World review by Alan Porter

"Not to be slighted, Abigail Becker as Ellie Schultz and Phil Newman as Frank Schultz make a formidable team delightful to any Vaudeville stage. They are very good and work together seamlessly to advance the storylines throughout."

In Kansas City Magazine review by Greg Stead

"The second act is propelled in no small part by Abigail Becker and Phil Newman (Ellie Mae and Frank Schultz) whose commitment to character pays off in spades."

KC Studio magazine review by Robert Trussell

"Philip Russell Newman and Abigail Becker, as the married comic actors Frank and Ellie, brighten the stage with smart physical performances."

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